If you feel that getting an AMG G63 may put you in risk, no worries! Here’s a better alternative.

We all know the fact that if we own a bulletproof G-wagon like AMG G63, it carries some intense risk. So, you can give yourself a new taste of armored vehicle and undoubtedly the choice should be the INKAS.

bulletproof G-wagon

Inkas is a leading weapon vehicle manufacturer of Canada. Its special and extensive SUVs, royal sedans and special purpose cars are currently ruling over the reign of the automobiles. It serves banks, forces, cops with amazing armored vehicles. It’s each production involves updated technologies, design along with super satisfactory quality. To serve their customers with the best service, they have opened after sale workshops across the globe. They offer a luxurious safety that anybody has ever dreamed of.

These exclusive cars are made of quality components assuring the minimal chances of the breakdown. These are specially designed to resist any sudden attacks. Any kind of defensive scenarios can be handled with ease with these extraordinary ranges of armed vehicles.

The unique features include monogram oriented pure leather interior design and the best part is the choice of customized interior. Yes, you can get it done the way you like it to be.

Inkas is in the market of the automobile for more than 20 years and the history of this long survival includes adept technicians, deep knowledge of the industry and of course the experience. The quality of the products is maintained by using all certified materials available in the market of automobiles. This unique production house launches each vehicle with a new surprise for their valuable customers.

Inkas, the famous manufacturer of armed force grade automobiles like Sentry MPV, utilizes a secondary selling claim for the bullet proof G63 that perform poorer than it claims.  Its arrangement of shielded SUV models, Inkas siphoned up the G -63 to cause it to withstand the harshest street conditions as well as demonstrations of savagery.


To burn the limousine, armored INKAS are designed and developed along 1.09 meters of the Mercedes-Benz G63 AMG.

The AK 47, FAL, and M-16 rifle shot protection system, or the use is equipped with a luxurious interior, a finish on the design, a set of systems, a storage system, a massager, an illumination by LED, a telephone and a telephone, satellite TV and frigobar. You can control the software with an integrated tablet.

In case of emergency, there is a special compartment to keep a gun and a system that allows renewing in less than a minute.

Too many attractive features have helped Inkas to secure the position of the best bulletproof G-wagons of 2019. Read latest news abut bulletproof G-wagon here!